K9 Educators - To Save a Pets Life

Episode 6: Dogs and Seat Belts

July 01, 2020 Eric "Odie" Roth Season 1 Episode 6
K9 Educators - To Save a Pets Life
Episode 6: Dogs and Seat Belts
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Dwayne Caruth founder of Big Dog Seat Belt Company joins author Eric "Odie" Roth to talk seat belts and dog's. There are many things you should consider as more pet owners than ever are foregoing the kennel in favor of bringing their furry friends along on vacation and that means more time in the family sedan. In some states it is becoming law for your dog to have a seatbelt. A study by AAA and Kurgo conducted a study in 2011 and found 84 percent of pet owners don’t restrain their dogs on car trips.  The force of an impact could kill both the dog and the car’s human occupants. Yet many of us drive around every day with our dogs just sitting on the back seat, or even on our laps. We hope to change that and it all starts today!

Dwayne talks about how Big Dog Seat Belts are are made and the importance of choosing the right one for your pup. He talks about the materials he uses and the importance of crash testing and why to stay away from "freebies."

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Big Dog Seat Belt website:  www.bigdogseatbelt.com

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